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Jai Mala Concepts

The most awaited moment in a wedding is the Varmala ceremony. Its significance can be judged from the fact that on Hindu wedding invitation card you will see a sketch of couple exchanging garlands. During this ceremony, Bride & Groom exchange garland on the stage. It the most exciting moment in the wedding, you can see guests from both sides cheering for the Bride & Groom. Here, we are going to reveal some wonderful tips to make Varmala ceremony more interesting and fascinating for Bride & Groom, as well as your guests. Here, we look at the top 5 Varmala Ideas for 2016.

Ramayana Theme

Planning a theme for the Varmala ritual will make it memorable. The most amazing would be to pick it directly from epic Ramayana – The Sita Sawaymbar. Let the groom dressed as Lord Rama break the beautiful decorated Dhanush and the bride dressed Sita happily come forward and put garland into groom’s neck. It is a theme that will surely get thumps up from elders, as well as youngsters.

The Fun Twist

How about making the ceremony a bit of fun and mischief? Call some guys with very good height from both groom and bride’s side. Ask them to lift both bride & groom, the aim is to dodge each other when the Varmala is being put. You will see guests cheering for both bride & groom. Believe us, it would be the most interesting part of the ceremony.

Revolving Stage

Most of the guests complain that they are not able to see Jaimala ceremony taking place as the front of the stage is very crowded. Here is a wonderful idea that will be unique and fun and all the guests will be able easily witness the ceremony. Ask your wedding planner to create a revolving stage in the center of the venue. Decorate it with colorful ribbons, flowers and lights. It would be a wonderful moment when couples will exchange Jaimala on the revolving stage.

Heart Jaimala Theme

If yours is a love marriage then surely need a memorable theme to make your Jaimala special. Here going for a heart theme Jaimala would be wonderful. To create the theme, you need a professional wedding planner. The planner will create a large revolving heart shape on the stage. With a romantic number playing, the groom waits for the bride on the stage and then heart opens and their stands the beautiful bride with Jaimala in her hand. Believe us, there cannot be any better Jaimala theme for love birds.

Lotus Jaimala Theme

The lovely lotus is a symbol of beauty and love. The theme perfectly suits valentine, heart and red theme wedding. The slowly blooming lotus with bride & groom standing in it with flowers petals showered on the couple makes it a mesmerizing ambiance. The main attraction of the Jaimala theme is the bride & groom emerging out of the lotus and exchanging garlands. These are top five Jai Mala ideas that are extremely popular in 2015. Just make sure that you perfect song is played that matches with the Vermala theme.